Mechanical Warp Stop Motion ( 6 Serrated Bar )


Product Overview

Standard versions with lateral levers which move the toothed "Grooves" in such a way as to show the dropped wire by their movement.
Easy to find the broken warp end.


  • By-Pass Option for Warp Breakage Indication with Continuous Production.
  • High-Pressure Die-Casting Bracket Assembly with Anti-Corrosion Resistance Body.
  • Electronic PCB for Row Wise LED Display for Warp Breakage.
  • Weaving Machine Stop by Dual Input.
  • Control Box with Electro-Magnetic Plunger.
  • Suitable for Indigenous and Imported Weaving Machine.

Optional Features

  • WEFT stop Motion
  • Digital Display for Warp Breakage Row Display.
  • Machine RUN - STOP - BYPASS Tower Light with Cable.