Stages of quality assurance


Raw material inward:
We pay minute attention to visual porosity. Casting quality is thoroughly checked. Rough casting is immediately segregated and rejected. Uneven shapes in outside dimensions are also rejected to maintain good input quality


We pay utmost attention to dimensions and outer finish is acceptable to our quality criteria.


During the painting stage, the dimension can be impacted. Hence, we check those aspects once again to ensure the dimensions remain intact for greater quality output of the product.


The movement parts are thoroughly checked. If a part doesn't align to the expected movement. we discard the part along with its lot to ensure such faults are not replicated across other product line. The assembly stage is the most critical stage and every moment is repeatedly checked with great attention to detail.


We make sure proper packing material is used such that there are no breakages in the casting part. We use high quality corrugated box that and make sure each package is water proof and doesn't get damaged during transit.


Post installation:
Once the machine is installed, a technician ensures proper working of the machine. Any faults or issues are immediately rectified.